Technology innovations have improved many areas of our lives. This is no exception on fabrics. The technological improvement on yarn level takes your sofa maintenance to a new low. FibreGuard is not a sprayed on or apply after production process, it’s woven to protect at the yarn level. 

The Oeko-Tex® in an independent testing and certification system. This international safety standard certifies ecological products in the textile industry to guarantee safety and sustainability. The exhaustive test involved over 100 variables and requirements for textile concerning its composition and components. Compliancy to these tests earns the Oeko-Tex® label.

Our collection of fabrics are also tested by Labotex laboratories, in line with certifications for SO (International standard) EN (European standard) BS (British standard) IMO (International Maritime Organisation) ASTM (American standard). Extensive tests are conducted on durability and fire resistance.



Your cup of coffee will taste even better when you don’t have to worry about spillage.


Accidents happen sometimes, spend more time helping and caring your loved one instead of worrying your sofa.


Give a kiss goodbye to those lipsticks stains.


Kids love to draw but sometimes they draw on things other than paper, Kids will be kids, let them express their creativity.


The ink used to be an enemy to fabric, with FibreGuard it is now a thing of the past.