Easy to clean sofa set, strain resistant, low maintenance

What is FabricCare?

You bought a FibreGuard sofa and we wanted to ensure you have more than just a product in your house. Introducing the FabricCare package by AcaciaSofa.Co. If you just purchased a FibreGuard sofa in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Myanmar and the showrooms are our participating outlets, FabricCare is yours for free!

Why should you register for FabricCare?

The package provides a coverage and value that is not possible thru separate purchases. It is only made available by AcaciaSofa.co backed by Acacia Fabrics Sdn Bhd. It’s our invitation of sharing the joy and assurance of owning a FibreGuard based sofa the moment the sofa is out of the showroom. 

3 Years FibreGuard Effectiveness Warranty

Unlike sprayed on protection, FibreGuard effectiveness in stain resistance and ease of maintenance will continue to work despite numerous washes. We are slapping this warranty to cover up to RM 3500 / USD 870 / SGD 1170 Fabrics replacement.

* In the event the participating showrooms can’t be found, this warranty will be carried out by Acacia Fabrics Sdn Bhd, with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

Our European fabrics have great aesthetics and are certified against harmful substances (Oeko-Tex®), safety and durability tests (Labotex). In the event there are manufacturing defects that are uncovered during these +1 year, we will replace the fabrics with the same type / look or alternative SKUs in the same category.

+1 Year Fabric Manufacturing Defects

1 Limited Edition Belgian Sofa Pillow​

In our effort to adopt the Zero Waste philosophy, we took a fresh look at all our processes. We notice a good amount of remnants of our European fabrics are created during the cutting orders from over1500 resellers in SEA. We decided to re-use these clean remnants and we created the Limited Edition Sofa Pillow whereby each pillow is unique due to the combination of the remnants. 
The pillow is retailing for USD 39 / RM 139 and is made complimentary with FabricCare. 

Twice a year lucky draw for 10 years. Exclusive invitations to home events, workshops by AcaciaSofa.co & AcaciaCurtain.co.
Exclusive discounts for Acacia Fabrics limited edition products

Lifetime Subscription to AcaciaSofa Ownership Club

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