AcaciaSofa.Co is a marketplace that connects local sofas manufacturers  and their resellers to the public. Only sofas that uses Acacia Fabrics‘ high performance fabrics are featured here.

As the leading European Fabrics distributor, we bring high quality fabrics with the assurance of safety certifications to Southeast Asia.

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People & Culture

People & Culture

There is quite a lot of diversity here in Acacia Fabric’s workplace and we have employees that have been with us for over 13 years.  We celebrate diversity and have expanded our workforce to over 50 in Kuala Lumpur alone.  Our other offices are at Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. 

You can read about us from our main website that is frequented by resellers and sofa manufacturers here. 

As for AcaciaCurtain.Co and AcaciaSofa.Co, there are currently only 2 employees in Linnaeus Sdn Bhd that are working specifically on the e-marketplace with the team at Acacia Fabrics.  One of them, Marcus is the one writing these messages and he believes strongly in being kind to animals and the future of e-commerce.

Our Resellers

Hard working dedicated people who runs their own company in either home furnishing / curtain installations or Sofas.

Gotta Love

We hold events to educate our resellers on new fabrics collections and innovations

Vietnam Team

Vietnam team is a model team to us, a group of young people working and creating growth that is the envy of many countries.

Our Warehouse

We have great people working at our warehouse where beautiful fabrics are stored. A lot of dialogues occur at the warehouse.

All About Fabrics

We have crazy huge collection of Fabrics SKU. This setup is taken at Acacia Fabrics @ Jalan Enggang. 

Choose Our Fabrics!

Reputable company, fantastic fabrics. We know Europeans place a high emphasis on tests against harmful substances, fire safety spreads, color steadfastness and durability, so we took those certified fabrics and made it available to the public here.  

There are only a few countries that have mills significant enough to warrant worldwide distribution, among these two countries are India and China. So it’s no secret that raw materials are dominantly from there. 

What our partner in Europe, Bru Textile does is selecting and creating designs for those fabrics, send them for certifications like Oeko-Tek and Labotex and accept those that passes and reject those that failed and grade them accordingly.

These fabrics are chosen by local manufacturers in each country where our offices are based in to produce beautiful functional sofas.