Do you want insanely easy to clean sofa set?

High performance fabrics that are kids and pets friendly

Fabric’s natural feel. Yet easier to maintain than leather.

Introducing Acacia Fabric’s high performance fabrics for sofas and curtains. We call it FibreGuard. Technology improvements have enabled protection at yarn level. This is not an application process after buying a sofa.
The stain protection properties will not deteriorate after multiple wash or lose its effectiveness.

Really, really easy to clean. See for yourself.

Using water or a bit of soap available, stubborn stains are removed by light application. Whether its lipsticks, red wine, pen, ketchup, coffee, crayons and even blood, FibreGuard are tested against these and many other stains.
You can view more cleaning examples at our features page. Click on the textured image to see our commercial.

Safe for family and pets. Never compromise on safety.

Our sofas provide fantastic aesthetics element to your home without compromising on quality. In fact our fabrics are tested and certified by two European labs. labo-tex complies with high industry standards for fire and mechanical tests on durability and colors. All FiberGuard fabrics are certified by OEKO-TEX to be free from harmful substances.

See. Feel. Touch. Let’s hangout at a Showroom

A sofa set is one of the most-used furniture in your home. We only recommend buying after you have seen and experience the sofa personally. Come with your loved ones. Avoid impulse buying. There will be no obligation on purchases upon visit and no pressure selling tactics.

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Who are we? is the designate site for consumers looking for practical and yet gorgeous aesthetics sofas. Come book an experiential visit to our resellers showrooms for sofa purchases. Just register your purchases online for our complete set of warranties and long term ownership benefits. This is the official Acacia Fabrics for Sofas.